I created this website to help people who are in the process of filing for Disability benefits from Social Security. The Social Security website has a lot of information on it about disability benefits, but to me, it seems complicated and confusing. Whenever I think it could be helpful, I’ll provide links to parts of their website, and I recommend you visit their website on your own.

You can get advice and assistance from lawyers who specialize in representing people who are trying to get benefits, but they will act as if you can’t do anything without them. And they will expect one fourth of any retroactive benefits you get from Social Security.

There are other websites that offer free advice, sort of, but they usually don’t tell the whole story, and want you to hire them to represent you. Some websites about Social Security Disability benefits want to sell you a book. I advise against spending money on something like that, partly because things at Social Security are changing rapidly. The entire process for Disability claims has changed in the last 12 months, and more changes are on the way. Any book you buy online will be out of date.

I worked at the Social Security Administration for many years, and I’ll give you insider tips and advice at no charge. There will be more information and advice added on a regular basis, so come back often.

Social Security is a hot political topic currently, but it is not my intention to enter any debates about the future of the program. I will say I do not believe in ending the Social Security benefit programs. The raging debates about how to keep the program going are not going to be discussed here in any depth. Occasionally I will post information about the history of Social Security, or a current news item that touches on the debate, but I am not interested in political discussion, only in trying to help people get benefits.

The Google Ads are there to help cover the cost of maintaining the site. I do not expect to get rich from the project!