Completing the 3368, page 3

This page is about your work history, where you worked, what kind of work you did, how long you worked at each job, and how much you were paid.

The official SSA website says this about the work history questions;

We need to find out about your past work to decide if you can still do it. To make this decision, we need to know how you did your job. We also need to know if you learned skills on your job.

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Completing the SSA-3368, Page 2, I & J

Questions I and J, about your work activity ending. The questions are – when did you stop working, and why?

  • Are you working, YES or NO,
  • If not, when did you stop working,
  • And most importantly, WHY did you stop working?

Notice that the space allowed for why you stopped working is 3 1/2 lines. Don’t enter a one word answer here. Explain in detail what led up to your job ending.

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Completing the SSA-3368, Page 2, C-G

Disability Report Form, questions on page 2

Most of the questions are simple. Yet many people leave them blank. You should figure out the correct answers and turn in a report that is complete. Don’t leave it up to SSA to try and figure out the details of your case for you.

Question C, “Do your illnesses, injuries or conditions cause you pain or other symptoms?”

To continue on page 2, next we have question C, Well, DUH! Of course you have symptoms, and quite possibly pain. Answer YES to this question unless your disability causes you no pain, and no symptoms.

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Completing the SSA-3368, Page 2, B

Part 2 of the Disability Report Form

In Part 1 I covered just the first question on page 2. This page is probably the most important part of your claim for disability benefits. Let me repeat that,


The first question was, “What are the illnesses, injuries, or conditions that limit your ability to work?”, and I covered that in Part 2. the second question is equally important, it is “How do your illnesses, injuries, or conditions limit your ability to work?” And I used to see this question either left blank or answered with just one or two words all the time.

IMPORTANT !, If you are given enough space to write more than one or two words, fill the space up with full sentences giving some details.

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