Social Security is going “Paperless”

folder.gifAround 2004 Social Security started creating a paperless application process. Instead of creating a paper folder like this one, for each claim, they are saving all your application information in the computer system. Notice the rubber band? Now that’s high tech, LOL. These days, if you file a new claim, for any kind of benefit, retirement or disability, there won’t be a paper folder at all. Of course, there are still a lot of paper folders in the Social Security offices because disability claims filed in the past are still going through several appeal steps.

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Medical Records for your Disability Claim

You are not required to submit your medical records

Many people think that you have to submit your medical records to file a claim or to be approved for disability benefits. But Social Security will write to your medical treatment sources and request copies of your records for you. You are not required to get the records yourself, and you are not expected to.

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Start a Diary of your Disability Claim Process

notebook.gifYou should get a notebook and keep a record of all your contacts with Social Security. Any kind of notebook will do. Write something on the front, like “Disability Claim Diary” for example. Keep it in the same place all the time.
Every time you have any contact with Social Security about your claim, write it down. EVERY TIME write it down. You may think it isn’t important, but it might turn out to be later on.

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It’s YOUR Money

100.gifFrequently people tell me they don’t want to “take” government money. But it isn’t government money. It’s YOUR money! The government doesn’t “own” anything. Well, OK, they do. But, they only own things, or hold money, on our behalf.

Some people tell me they don’t want to take benefits if there are other people who need it more, but Social Security does not deny the next applicant just because you got approved.

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