Disability Report Form, questions on page 2

Most of the questions are simple. Yet many people leave them blank. You should figure out the correct answers and turn in a report that is complete. Don’t leave it up to SSA to try and figure out the details of your case for you.

Question C, “Do your illnesses, injuries or conditions cause you pain or other symptoms?”

To continue on page 2, next we have question C, Well, DUH! Of course you have symptoms, and quite possibly pain. Answer YES to this question unless your disability causes you no pain, and no symptoms.

Question D, “When did your illnesses, injuries, or conditions first interfere with your ability to work?”

They want to know how long your medical problems have been making it difficult for you to work. If you had to change jobs or change your job duties because of your health, put the approximate date your medical problems started to have an effect on your work.

Question E, “When did you become unable to work because of your illnesses, injuries, or conditions?”

They want to know when you STOPPED WORKING because of your medical condition. A lot of people put dates in here that are before they stopped working. Wrong. When I ask them why, they used to say “I was disabled, but I kept working anyway.” Wrong. You are only disabled in the eyes of Social Security when you can’t work.

Question F, “Have you ever worked?”

Some people who have never worked file for disability. They need to know if you have worked, or not.