Part 2 of the Disability Report Form

In Part 1 I covered just the first question on page 2. This page is probably the most important part of your claim for disability benefits. Let me repeat that,


The first question was, “What are the illnesses, injuries, or conditions that limit your ability to work?”, and I covered that in Part 2. the second question is equally important, it is “How do your illnesses, injuries, or conditions limit your ability to work?” And I used to see this question either left blank or answered with just one or two words all the time.

IMPORTANT !, If you are given enough space to write more than one or two words, fill the space up with full sentences giving some details.

If you don’t answer the question fully, you are relying on an overworked interviewer to fill it in for by, either by asking you additional questions, or maybe by entering something like, “He left this question blank”, and you don’t want that.

Some people try to answer this question by listing their conditions here again. So let’s say you have back trouble, you answer the first question with a couple of sentences that include details like “degenerative disc disease” or “disc damage to L5”. Then when you get to question 2, don’t just write in “back”. Explain in detail how your back condition affects your ability to function. Mention what kind of pain you have, how often and how long it lasts. If you tried to work despite your medical problems you could mention the difficulties you had and what you couldn’t do any longer.

I hope you are getting the idea now. Answer every question with full sentences describing in detail all of your illnesses and how they limit your ability to work anymore.

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