827.gifEveryone filing for disability benefits has to give Social Security authorization to get medical records. The form they use is called either the “medical release” or the 827. If you are trying to file a claim by phone or mail, you will need to sign one or more of these and send it or bring it into the Social Security office. The form is available online at the official Social Security website here Disability claim Medical Release form, SSA-827 If you don’t have a printer, you can get one by visiting an office or calling to ask them to mail one to you. Once your claim is filed, the form is used to obtain your records from doctors, clinics, schools, and hospitals.

Social Security does not expect people filing for disability to submit their own medical records. So they get your authorization and attempt to get them directly. If you have medical records, you should submit them when you file your claim, but you are not required to do that. What you should do is make sure all the doctors, clinics, and hospitals are listed on your Disability Report form, SSA-3368.