If you go to Google and type in Social Security Disability benefits, you will get 375000 responses. That can be pretty daunting to go through, and I’m sure no one ever looked at all of them. I’m going to try and give you a list of helpful websites so you don’t have to look through all that. Instead of just a list, I’ll describe the sites I list and how they can be helpful to you.

The first of course is the official Social Security website. They are really pushing for people to use their website and to file their claims online. There is a whole lot of information on their website, but it looks crowded and confusing to me, as if they are trying too hard.

There are websites created by attorneys and non-attorney representatives, and by former employees of Social Security.

If you go through Google results you will eventually find websites written by people who struggled through a denial and the appeal process to finally be approved for benefits. They offer helpful hints based on their experience. The problem with those websites is, their advice is based on only one case, their own, and your circumstances are going to be different. So keep that in mind when reading those types of websites.

Frequently websites created by attorneys are designed is to scare you into thinking you won’t get any benefits if you don’t hire them and pay 25% of your retroactive benefits to them. Some of these websites are very helpful, some are pretty bad.

This website is created by a doctor who worked in the state agency that makes medical decisions on disability claims. He does not have anything to sell on his site, just a lot of very good detailed information about the medical criteria used in making decisions.
Disability Doc

This website was created by a former Disability Examiner, and he shares the inside story of the medical decision process. Good articles.
The Disability Expert

Here’s a website by an attorney who appears to really want to help people. Lots of good information.
Carolina Disability

Another attorney website that looks very helpful, besides good information on the site, he answers questions from the general public.
J Ginsburg Blog

This site is apparently written by an attorney who wants you to hire him. There is a LOT of good information available on his site. He also maintains a Blog about disability benefits.
Disability Secrets
Disability Blog

Here’s a website by an attorney, but the main purpose seems to be his forum where attorneys and judges hang out and talk to each other. Once in a while a member of the public will post a question, and they usually get a reply. The attorney wrote a book and sells it to other attorneys who work on Social Security cases. So this website could be helpful to you, but it is not written for the general public.
SSA Connect

This attorney website is designed to get you to hire him, but he does offer some good advice.
Scott E. Davis, Disability Attorney

This is a website blog that covers Social Security in the news. He has a lot of information on his site, and you might find it interesting, but it will not be very helpful to you in getting benefits.
Social Security News Blog by Charles T. Hall