This is a form Social Security has been using for about 30 years or so. You are supposed to fill it out and bring it with you to your interview. That’s the way it’s been all these years. Now that Social Security is going paperless, the form is going out of style. Now management wants you to sit down with an interviewer the day you walk in and inquire about how to file. The interviewer then has to ask you every question one by one to finish your intake interview.
If you don’t have all the information with you, well too bad, the form will be completed with what you can remember in one sitting.

Fill the SSA-3368 out ahead of time

The trouble is, if you haven’t completed the form ahead of time, you will not be well prepared to answer the questions. So I recommend you get one of these forms and fill it out at home before you file your claim. Give yourself a couple of days to go over it and make sure you don’t leave anything out. Even though they are trying to discourage the use of the form, it is still available on the Social Security website as a PDF download. Or you can call to see if someone will mail you one.

Here’s a link to the form. SSA-3368 You need Adobe Acrobat to open it.
Here’s a link to the official Social Security guide for completing the form. SSA-3368 Guide

Answer all the questions fully

Most people do a poor job of completing this form. They leave things blank. They give one word answers when you are allowed space to write in a couple of sentences. This form is the foundation of your claim. It’s up to you to provide a complete picture of your health and medical treatment. A good interviewer will try to get more information from you, but you shouldn’t rely on that when Social Security is understaffed and rushed.